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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Best Whisky Brands in India

The best whisky brands in india for begainers
1.Antiquity(250Rs for 180ml)
2.Signature(450Rs for 360ml)
3.Blenders pride260Rs for 180ml)

1.Antiquity is the smooth whisky which is Royal international brand.It should be enjoyed with little coke and Ice!

2.Signature is the best brand in india it's little hard and gives Some hangover till morning!

3.Blenders pride is also very smooth whisky for those who don't want hangover but enjoy the drink!

You can add little coke or thumps up for great taste but Ice cubes are Must if you are planning to drink!
For smokers Best cigaretees brands are
3.Gudang Garam
You can use golden cover of dairy milk chocolate  as Ash tray if o don't have one it doesn't burm as it's aluminium foil.
Party Hard Guys!!!!!!